Jan 30 / 2018
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Experience, Strategy & Innovation at the Core – An Interview with Alan Brincat

Alan Brincat of Quasar Limited fills us in how the industry has changed since he first started and what other prospects are in sight for this growing company.

Alan Brincat is currently the Operations Director at Quasar Limited, where he contributes to the development of the business and products for QuasarGaming.com & OVOCasino. com. His work is mainly focused on a strategic and innovation level, while also ensuring that both online casinos operate seamlessly.

With over seven years in this field, Alan has garnered considerable experience in online casinos, poker, and sportsbook betting, with a specialisation of the German market and other regulated territories such as Italy, France, and the UK.

“I was immediately drawn towards the novelty and appeal of the iGaming industry when it started to gain attraction in Malta.
I pursued studies in Management and Tourism, so my entry into this industry was not very relevant to my educational background. In fact, when I started working in the field back in 2010, the local skill pool was not fully developed as it is today.”


Quasar Hostess as SiGMA 17

But as with most industries, the climb to the top was not an easy one for Alan. “I had to start working my way up from the very bottom, but I was very fortunate to be surrounded by individuals that believed in my potential and wanted to invest in my growth. During my time working in iGaming, I have managed to work on most key aspects that make an online gaming operation successful, and I have to say that I enjoyed every challenge and never settled for ‘good enough’.”

The iGaming industry in Malta has come a long way since opening its doors a few years ago. And for Alan, who has seen it grow and change since landing his first job in it, can attest to this as well.

“Technology keeps on advancing at an exponential rate, and as our lives become even more digitalised, the market for online gambling continues to grow year on year. In fact, over the years I have seen an increase in competition that is being fuelled by the increasing demand and acceptance of the product. The reality is that we operate in a fast-changing landscape, particularly in terms of innovation, technology and regulation, which guarantees an interesting challenge for anyone that is interested in joining.”

For many individuals, it seems as though working for an iGaming company is a dream job, but getting on the first rung of the employment ladder may not be as straightforward as it seems. Alan has had his fair share of ups and downs when it came to entering this industry.

“Yes, it can be tough to break into certain roles with no industry experience, but this was always the case for any industry. I still remember back when iGaming was in its infancy, and the first recruitment consultant I turned to for a job said that I had no hope of making it into the industry. Perseverance is important, so my main advice is not to give up and to go for a role that you enjoy.”

The history of Quasar Limited

Quasar Limited is a gaming company based in Malta that aims at providing its clients a unique and outstanding experience. Offering a wide range of top quality games by cutting edge developers Novomatic, NetEnt, and EGT, players at Quasar are guaranteed a top notch playing environment.
This company operates a number of leading online casino brands, as well as a professional affiliate platform, excellent affiliate management, as well as a large selection of marketing tools, and much more.

 “Quasar Limited operates two leading online casino brands, QuasarGaming.com and OvoCasino.com. The company has grown from a relatively small and unknown start-up with very humble kitchen table beginnings, to one of the fastest growing on the market. I can attribute most of this success to the bold strategy taken by the founders to tap into the demand for popular land based games online, as well as the vision and early commitment towards the implementation of SEO.”

It is without a doubt that Quasar Limited has had a great journey from where it began to where it finds itself now. When asked about some of the most remarkable moments in the company’s history, Alan mentioned the fact that in 2014 the company was trusted to operate with premium Novomatic content in Germany, which to date remains one of its main USPs.
And when it comes to achievements, Quasar Limited is definitely on the right track. “It is safe to say that the daily figures that we see today are even more than what used to take us a month to achieve when I joined Quasar Limited 3 years ago!”

Alan Brincat – Operations Director at Quasar Limited

The Maltese influence on Quasar Limited and its company culture

There is something uniquely Maltese about Quasar Limited, from its founders to the great team of locals that have built some of the brands within Quasar. The loyalty and dedication expressed by the team at Quasar is impressive.

“The key success factor behind any company is without a doubt its people. We would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for the outstanding delivery of the team that bring the company’s vision to life. We operate with a very passionate team, where people are given the individualistic treatment that they deserve. This keeps operational overheads low, but also ensures that everyone is involved in the conversation and heard.”

When asked about the office culture at Quasar, Alan indicated that the company goes out of its way to organise regular company events throughout the year where everyone can unwind and build stronger relationships outside of the office environment.
“We invest a lot in celebrating outstanding work together, as we believe that this keeps the team united and motivated. Over the last few years, we have taken the whole team to places such
as Austria, Sicily, and Barcelona, and organised events such as track days and skiing trips. Quasar boasts a very low staff turnover levels, so much so that most of the employees that started with us still work here to this very day.”

Future perspectives for the company

Looking towards the future is a natural step for any successful company, and Alan Brincat was very clear about where Quasar was heading and which new technologies where on the company’s radar at the moment.
“We are currently working on developing a Big Data platform that is leveraging the cloud to feed self-service BI tools, and become a completely data-driven business. This will enable our data analysts and our business in general to receive insights in real-time so that we can take more informed decisions. Given that data gives us a complete view of our customer preferences, this will allow us to introduce personalisation to our products and improve our customer journey when using our products. Going forward, we would also like to capitalise on machine learning to take our personalisation to the next level.”

Quasar Limited’s success strategy

Another key brand by Quasar Limited is OVO Casino, which was conceived with the idea to target the affluent market. In fact, the company tried to recreate that luxury feeling that one would expect in a real-life casino to complement the strong, traditionally land based game offerings.
“We engaged a local design company to render the actual casino in 3D and built the product around it. As such, you can expect a chic, slick, and 1960s themed swinging casino with a strong emphasis on delivering a superior experience to high rollers. An engaging product and consistent service quality are imperative in an industry where competitors are just one click away.”


Quasar at SiGMA 17

And yet, the iGaming industry is a very competitive one, and shrinking profit margins through regulation and taxation continue to be persistent issues in companies. Alan is aware of these challenges, but he believes that when it comes to the end-user, Quasar is doing it right.
“We believe that effective retention marketing is a crucial aspect in extending customer
lifetime value. In order to achieve this, we spend a considerable amount of time designing and running innovative and engaging casino promotions. One of our most successful campaigns was The Big Race, during which we gave away VIP tickets to some of the most highly sought-after sport events, such as the Champions League Final, Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco, and two buy ins to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.”

Alan Brincat’s balance between work and private life

An interesting fact about Alan Brincat is that there is more than meets the eye than just the Operations Director of a successful iGaming company. He went from tending the bar at Ryan’s Pub to winning a prestigious poker tournament, catapulting his name in the poker scene to working in the industry. However, Alan feels that all the steps he took in the past have led him to where he is now.
“Interestingly enough, I feel that working behind a bar during my student days at university played a huge part in where I am today. I played some of my first hands of poker with friends that I made there, and eventually went on to winning a six – figure amount in the Battle of Malta. After graduating from my studies and spending some months pondering on my next steps, it was my employer who persuaded me to start looking for a full-time job. As luck would have it, I met an old school friend at Ryan’s who told me all about Betclic Everest Group, where I landed my first position.”

And with the University days behind him, Alan Brincat has now settled down and started his own family. In fact, this is quite a common occurrence for gaming folks that come to Malta for an extended period of time, where they end up settling in, getting married, or having kids. What seemed to be an industry that never sleeps is also maturing in Malta. Alan thinks that the current infrastructure in Malta is good enough to cater for the overall demands of C level executives that want to relocate to Malta.

“The quality of life in Malta is second to none, and the country also boasts several reputable international schools. Over the years, we have evolved into a knowledge hub for affiliates, providers, and operators alike. Malta also offers attractive corporate and personal tax incentives for C level executives wishing to relocate. The local regulator has a deep commercial understanding and is a responsive leader in the governance of the latest developments including e-Sports and Blockchain.”
Lastly, Alan thinks that it is all up to the individual to achieve that perfect balance in life, with the help of a great employer of course. “Having my own child has made me realise the importance of achieving an ideal work life balance, and that it can ultimately make employees happier and more productive. This is also something that Quasar takes firmly into consideration for employees that have families.”

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